Improve Capacity and Coverage in Dense Urban Environments

In the most crowded urban centers, get fast and easy access to street-level locations for wireless infrastructure with the Smart Fusion Pole.

The Smart Fusion Pole replaces traditional streetlight poles with an aesthetically pleasing design that brings together energy-efficient LED lighting and wireless communications infrastructurefully integrated within the pole including antennas and radios. The Smart Fusion Pole is designed to be a multitenant solution for mobile operators. With the Smart Fusion Pole, mobile operators can efficiently scale small cell deployments in cities. At the same time, making it easier for mobile operators to work with cities to deliver smart city applications in a collaborative manner.

Optimize Small Cell Deployments

Predictable and scalable small cell deployments allow for speed to market,while eliminating the burdensome task associated with finding individual sites and securing rights. We provide access to thousands of locations for deploying Smart Fusion Poles as ATC Kenya makes it easy. We work closely with cities to enable cluster permitting. Now a single permit will allow for the deployment of large numbers of Smart Fusion Poles throughout any city.

Power the Smart City

Use Smart Fusion Poles to conceal wireless communications equipment needed for smart city applications in plain sight. Now, cities and mobile operators can work together to enable IoT applications to further their green initiatives:

the Smart Fusion Pole, smart city applications will become a reality. At the same time, cities can reduce energy costs for street lighting by more than 50 percent with new energy-efficient LED lighting that is crisper, cleaner, and far more welcoming at night.

Let Us Help

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